Your presentation tools

OCR slideshow example

Prezi     printing your prezi

PowerPoint or Apple Keynote    print 2 slides per page     currently does not support printing except as screenshots/PrtScn

Website such as Wix, Weebly, Tumblr or WordPress

Word Document (not good for presenting clips but great for citing references)

If you want more control over YouTube clips (not working for Prezi, which is annoying)

Edit YouTube clips online with or keepvid then download as mp4 and upload to Prezi (limit of 50MB) or upload to your own YouTube account and link from there. and


Presentation skills:

Garr Reynolds presentation tips

Guy Kawasaki secular evangelist for Apple etc.


British Board of Film Classification

Children's British Board of Film Classification

PEGI age rating for games

Advertising Standards Authority

History of Advertising Trust/Arrows

printable questionnaire 1 - rate these films and games


Examples of green screen techniques in use:

Dan Snow - Aircraft of WW1


Example subject with links:
Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists/Band of Misfits

(US release name sometimes differs, as with "Philosopher's Stone" and George III type names)

Check Internet Movie DataBase imdb

VFX breakdown on YouTube and Vimeo

VLogs and Production Logs: Pirates Tumblr production log

Facebook pages often have 'in progress' updates, either 'official' or personal

Twitter accounts are great for 'in progress' updates - Peter Lord of Aardman posted greenscreen images and other production notes and has now put up over 1000 pics on Twitter

Review sites: (Pirates)

Tutorial sites will often break down scenes and encourage you to recreate them: 3DWorld StarWars


play dos games online and if you are ok with installing Java


Also see: Box Trolls end credits, (+ making of talk at Google), Sky Captain, Sin City

This War of Mine by 11 Bit Studios

TWoM has a different take on the war experience - you are not an elite soldier, you are trying to keep a group of civilians alive in a city under siege. Based on the situation in Sarajevo during the Bosnian war. 83 on Metacritic, available on Windows/Mac/Linux from Nov 2014. Released on iOS and Android July 2015 with PS4 and XboxOne slated for Jan 2016 release of The Little Ones - your group includes kids....

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