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Adobe pdf guides to type classification and letter forms

Mac OSX can use PC TrueType - no need for a Mac specific version

Free Fonts Sites
good fonts and preview system
over 3000 free fonts for mac and pc
over 20,000 unusual free fonts nearly 16000 free fonts (donations welcome)

interesting list of fonts - thanks Amy and the home-school group! mixes free fonts with links to commercial fonts
more good free fonts for mac and pc excellent range of display faces - cheers Mark! 24 look-a-like famous fonts for Disney, Blade Runner etc
pixel fonts for free
pixel fonts for free



Introduction by Jed
with links and information
free Webfonts and fontkits to make your own
many free Webfonts via a simple link


Essential Type Sites CreativePro
Agfa Monotype
lots of info and excellent whatthefont
big site with type tips
UK main supplier, some pdf downloads


More Sites
advice for choosing fonts - design basics
interactive typography
FontsForFlash start at a dollar ninety-five...
typeface vendor
will harris
type me not


Letterpress Sites from Peter Hall of Sixpenny Press
letterpress info for the UK

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