Tips for Quark 4.1 from MacUser magazine

Get Picture variations:

When you Get Picture, hold down control when you click Open to import an EPS to prevent spot colours being added to Quark's palette. This should result in them printing as cmyk rather than as separate films/plates.

Hold down shift as you choose Open to create a 36dpi preview for a tiff file (yes, even worse, but a smaller file size)

Hold down control to create a grey preview, or b/w if the image is already greyscale.


Start a facing pages document with a left hand page:

Select the first page by double-clicking on its icon in the document layout palette.

Choose Page>Section.

Click in the check box to activate Section Start

and put an even number for the start page (left hand pages are always even, right always odd). Click OK and that space at the top left of the Facing Pages Document Layout palette has been occupied at last!

Alt-click on a page icon

in the document layout palette to see the actual document page number in this file at the bottom of the document layout palette, preceded with a +.