QuickTime 6.3 adds 3GPP support
MacUser - Simon Aughton

Apple has announced QuickTime 6.3, the 'first mainstream solution to support
the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) standard', designed to deliver
a foundation for the creation, delivery and playback of rich multimedia
content over wireless networks.

QuickTime 6.3 enables users to share high-quality video, audio and text on a
new generation of wireless devices including cell phones and PDAs, by
providing extensive support for the 3GPP standard, including Advanced Audio
Coding (AAC) and Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) audio, MPEG-4 and H.263 video, 3G
Text (TX3G) and native .3gp file format support.

The high-performance MPEG-4 video codec and the time-tested H.263 video
codec both provide excellent results at low data rates. The modern AAC audio
codec delivers exceptional quality music at a broad range of data rates
while AMR provides narrowband audio encoding designed specifically for
speech. 3G Text support in QuickTime 6.3 is time-based for accurate
synchronisation of titling and captioning with audio and video tracks.

Additional QuickTime 6.3 features include automatic streaming transport
detection for a more reliable streaming experience, improvements to DV audio
and video synchronisation and enhanced support for Apple's Keynote, iMovie
and iDVD applications.

QuickTime 6.3 is available from www.apple.com/uk/quicktime.