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BA (Hons) Computer & Video Games



Unit Title

Games Genres



Project Title

Essay (60%)



Completion Date

18th May 2006


1 -1

Student Workload

35 hours


Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and Understanding

  • Explain how particular games genres have evolved
  • Identify and evaluate characteristics of different games genres
  • Describe how technological development has affected game aesthetic

Cognitive Skills

  • Engage with issues raised when deconstructing game content, aesthetic and play
  • Assess pertinent studies of the psychology of play

Transferable and Key Skills

  • Understand self-directed study to communicate clearly written outputs of research

Practical and Professional Skills

  • Engage professionally with analysis of computer and videogame ‘look and playability’ Reflect critically on his/her academic work

The criteria used to assist in determining your final assessment results are identified in the student handbook.



Write an essay (1500 words ±10%) describing
the unique aspects of one popular game genre.

Describe the experience of play from the player perspective.

Identify the earliest game examples of this genre and how technology has informed the development of the genre.

Deconstruct the mechanics of play and describe how the players’ kinematics differs from other genres.



Work is to be submitted as printed hardcopy.

The work of the student must be clearly identified.

Students MUST retain a copy of all work submitted.



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