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BA (Hons) Interior Design (Decoration)
Creative Technology Unit DES214

10am-1pm Andrews Area 5
Starting Wednesday 5th October 2005

An introduction to the range of information technologies crucial to current design processes. Internet, multimedia and presentation software will be examined together with communications technologies.

Areas of study include computer architectures, operating systems and design network topologies through colour theory, digital cameras, photo manipulation, presentation tools, the internet, usability and multimedia.

Week 1: 5th October 2005
Introduction to the use of multimedia software Macromedia Flash MX, working through these tutorials.

Setting up a Web site using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX.

Week 2: 12th October 2005
Please spend part of the session researching the Web sites of other interior designers to get a feel for your competition or potential employers.

Consider the design of your own logotypes and colour palette choices for your stationery and Web sites.

You may also wish to explore Flash and Dreamweaver, building on what we learned last week. Add your own details to the pages you started and investigate more of the inspiring or tutorial sites which we just touched on then.

Week 3: 19th October 2005
Designing logotypes and colour palette choices for stationery using Adobe Illustrator CS. Working with type palette (Apple-T), converting type to outlines, shapes, 3D extrusions.

Week 4: 26th October 2005
Recapping Adobe Illustrator CS and adding the Gradient Mesh. Vector paths vs bitmap pixellated images. Introduction to Adobe Photoshop: brushes, colour picker, creating a logo by adding text, applying text warp, layers, layer styles and effects.

Week 5: 2nd November 2005
Adobe Photoshop: continuing the logo. Typefaces classification and attributes. Working with images - compositing/photo montage using layers and layer masks, altering colour using Hue and Saturation (Apple-U).

Week 6: 9th November 2005
Adobe Photoshop: working with images, colour theory, digital cameras, scanners - using the clone tool, applying filters, using Levels (Apple-L) and Curves (Apple-M) to alter the contrast in an image, either to improve it or to fade it back to make a 'ghost' that can be used as a subtle background to your stationery, a magazine page or a Web page. Pen Tool to cut out images or for sophisticated selections.

Week 7: 16th November 2005
Adobe InDesign: DeskTop Publishing (DTP) package with multiple page support for the creation of magazines and manuals. Placing logotypes and images from Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop and adding text to complete the stationery brief.

Week 8: 23rd November 2005
Printing the stationery brief work for a formative assessment prior to final deadline in January. Setting the magazine brief - to design the front cover and a double page spread for a magazine on the theme of Interior Design. Spread will include an advertisement using logotype from the stationery brief.

Week 9: 30th November 2005
Working in Photoshop on images for the magazine, and InDesign to complete the cover and spread.

Week 10: 7th December 2005
Saving images and logotypes from Photoshop and Illustrator in a format suitable for the internet. Adding these to a small Web site created in Macromedia Dreamweaver to match the stationery and magazine covers.

Week 11: 14th December 2005
Assistance given to print Stationery and Magazine projects and preliminary assessment made.

Week 12: 11th January 2006
Enhancing the Web sites with animation created in Adobe Imageready or Macromedia Flash. Web site navigation looking at rollover buttons and usability issues.

Assistance will be given to print Stationery and Magazine projects and finish Web sites.

Week 13: 18th January 2006
Deadline Assignment 1 - Assistance will be given to print Stationery and Magazine projects and finish Web sites.

Brief discussion on computer architectures, operating systems and design network topologies. Using MS Powerpoint to make a simple presentation slideshow. Comparison with Appleworks, which is not on these Macs but usually bundled free. Keynote. Goodbye and have a great life!

Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX, Photoshop, Imageready

Selected Indicative Reading

Campbell, A: New Designer's Handbook 1993

Weinmann, Lynda: Designing Web Graphics 4, New Riders, ISBN: 0735710791

Towers, Tarin: Dreamweaver MX Visual Quickstart Guide, ISBN: 0201844451

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