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BA (Hons) Design Studies

Creative Technologies Unit       20 credits

Julie Beattie / Ken Stewart / Jed Gibbs

Technology Faculty
School of Design

Assessment criteria

The following assessment criteria will be applied to this project:

40% Research and Development

40% Application and Presentation

20% Studentship

Research and

to include:


Understanding of the
project requirements,
its components,
essential features
and their meaning


Organised investigation
and documentation.


Critical judgements of research and use of appropriate media in order to realise a solution.

Application and Presentation

To include:


Innovation and originality of solution.


The ability of the
solution to communicate
to an appropriate


Application and
manipulation of
materials and


Critical reflection


To include:

  • Attendance
  • Motivation
  • Participation
  • Time Management

Assignment 2:
Collaborative Web Design: 50%


To further develop your skills and knowledge of software packages and their application(s). To work collaboratively as a team in the production of a website.


Working as a team, you are required to produce a Web site to promote a club of your choice.

You will be expected to present the finished work to clients & peers; the presentation should be supported by printed materials.

You should submit all research and development work together with a 50-200 word evaluation of the projects (process and outcome)

Learning Outcomes

in order to achieve (at least) a pass you should:

understand and be conversant with Information and 2D Design Technologies

  • understand Web technologies through collaboratively creating a website using local network infrastructure
  • understand the basics of multimedia and video, 2D and graphic design
  • design appropriate solutions to a range of design problems
  • be competent in the use of presentation tools
  • appropriately and effectively utilise Information Technology systems
  • plan and manage workloads within given time constraints
  • work effectively both independently and as part of a team

effectively communicate to intended audience by appropriate written and visual means

Assessment will be based on individual contribution to group outcome.

Deadline: Monday 15th May 2006

Work to be presented and submitted during workshop session

Deadlines may not be extended, if you cannot meet the above deadline you should refer to current guidelines for Extenuating Circumstances.

Work handed in within 5 days of the deadline will receive a maximum mark of 35%. Work handed in after 5 days will receive 0%.