10 x two hour sessions from 18:30 - 20:30, starting Monday 26th Sep 2011 running to 5th Dec 2011

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This is a 10 week course designed to give beginners an introduction to Web Design using Adobe Dreamweaver.

What are the Course Aims?

The course is intended for anyone who wants to create and maintain Web sites using Windows or Mac computers.

Where can it lead to?

Dreamweaver is the industry standard, ideal for anyone wanting to gain employment or design professional sites.

What will I study on this course?

You will study the core functions of Adobe Dreamweaver and how to apply them to your own Websites, including:

Setting up your site and first Web page using Dreamweaver page properties, the toolbox and properties inspector. Adding more pages and links. Previewing your Web site in a browser. Viewing and tweaking the source code.

Brief intro to Flash, a natural partner (and occasional rival) to Dreamweaver. A look at Flash-enhanced sites and online tutorials, availability of parallel training course. Issues with iPhones, adding Flash content to Dreamweaver.

Add images to your site from USB stick, disc, by scanning, digital photography, or from the Web. Copyright issues. Simple editing with Adobe Photoshop and optimising for the Web using graphic file formats jpeg, gif & png

Improving layout, introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for default text, to set link styles and to control background images. Designing for your readers at a suitable size.

Using tables for layout was common but now discouraged (you may need to edit an existing site). Dreamweaver can convert layers to tables or tables to layers. CSS for positioning or using supplied templates to speed production.

Creating simple rollovers and buttons. Navigation bars. Spell checking. Uploading to make site live. Testing your site. Accessibility and browser compatibility. Submitting to search engines such as Google & Bing and directories (DMoz).

Are there any resources or materials required?

The software is installed on the college computers. For students wishing to do additional work from home free 30 day trials are available from Adobe. Student rates for the software are available and will be discussed on the course.

Are there any other costs?

Free basic Web hosting will be provided for the duration of the course together with advice on purchasing a domain name (.tk addresses are free, .coms and .co.uk about £6 per year) and ongoing hosting (from free to expensive).

How will I be assessed?

No formal assessment. Help during the sessions & via email support. Totton College course completion certificate.

What are the entry requirements?

No previous experience required but some content may be challenging as the software is for professional-level use.

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