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Storyboard examples: W&G | StarWars Troopers/Bullfight | IratePirate

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Cuts & Transitions:



animation-history-timeline | history-of-animation.webflow

significant productions: Disney's Snow White is "first full-length animated feature" or is it?

● working methods: silhouette or paper cut-outs (as used in early South Park, they switched to Toon Boom then Maya); drawn, traced, inked and painted cels; stop-motion, Flash, Ren & Stimpy,

● legacy or influences: eg Willis O'Brien (King Kong) >Ray Harryhausen (Jason and the Argonauts, Sinbad, Clash of the Titans)> Phil Tippet (Star Wars AT-AT)

● historical context. Harryhausen and Dr Suess both working for US military - Harryhausen given large stocks of expired film. milestones

Joseph Plateau (phenakitoscope), William Horner (zoetrope), Emile Reynaud (praxinoscope), Edward Muybridge (bullet time), Edison (kinetoscope), Lumière brothers, George Pal


Glen Keane steps into the paper VR and Duet

Historic techniques brought up to date


Making of 'Moray McLaren - We Got Time' from Blink on Vimeo.


Presidents of the USA - "Mixed Up S.o.B." also see Kraak & Smaak


Stop Mo - Pixellation examples: Rhett & Link T-Shirt War   |   Aardman's Angry Kid   |  student

Stop Mo - Claymation examples: Miao Mao   |   Insanimation


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Free duik rigging plug-in for Adobe after Effects. duik user guide



Jed's animation sites:   | is a great way to learn to program. C# is used by Unity game engine, Python by Blender.

Japan's oldest cartoons shown to mark 100 years of anime

World's oldest manga made into anime by Studio Ghibli

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