group interface evaluation
group interface evaluation

Group Interface 1 evaluation

Individual Practice 1 Evaluation

Using Adobe After Effects, QuickTime and Flash to present online video.

Practice 1 description from my learning contract:

"I will take Digital Video as my first option. I have been filming the musician Nick Harper for two years when he has played in the area, with a view to adding video clips to his website, which has just been relaunched. The dv-video needs to be edited, composited where possible to show multiple angles, and colour retouched and manipulated to fit with the style of the new site.

This will need skills in Final Cut Pro and After Effects which I do not yet have. I will also need to research compression methods to deliver the video clips to the widest range of browsers at the best possible quality while keeping file sizes to a minimum. This will require investigation of Quicktime, Real Media and Windows Media Player, and compression/decompression 'codecs' such as Sorenson and Cinepak. To improve interactivity I will also research Flash MX and Director as an alternative means of delivering the video content."