Unit 11: Animation for Digital Media

Starting Tuesday 10th May 2016 running through to the end of June in room 155 in the Media building.
For further information, contact Jed Gibbs MA by email: jgibbs@totton.ac.uk

link to Pearson PDF (page 233/245)

Unit introduction

Have you ever wondered...

A1 and A2

Topic A.3 Animators

Work of key animators:

significant productions: Disney's Snow White is "first full-length animated feature" or is it?
character creation:
● working methods: silhouette or paper cut-outs (as used in early South Park); drawn, traced, inked and painted cels; stop-motion, Flash, Ren & Stimpy,
● legacy or influences: eg Willis O'Brien>Ray Harryhausen>Phil Tippet of Star Wars
● historical context. Harryhausen and Dr Suess both working for US military - Harryhausen given large stocks of expired film. milestones
Joseph Plateau (phenakitoscope), William Horner (zoetrope), Emile Reynaud (praxinoscope), Edward Muybridge, Edison (kinetoscope), Lumière brothers, George Pal

Learning aims

In this unit you will:


Learning aims and unit content

What needs to be learnt

Learning aim A:

Topic A.1

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