Domain names

To give your site its own name you need to get a 'domain name' which may be free (either from or given away as a sweetener with a paid-for hosting package) or bought from the likes of GoDaddy at prices ranging up from about £5 per year to premium rates for 'valuable' sites such as, sold for $16 million in 2009.

This domain then needs to be pointed at wherever your actual site is hosted (buying hosting and domain names as a package from the same supplier is the easiest way to get started as you have a lot less technical stuff to do and only one company to blame curse call whenever there is a problem).

setting up a free .tk domain name

(.tk is the extension for Tokelau, which consists of three islands off the coast of New Zealand with a population of under 1500 polynesians, totalling just 10 square km. No significant land is more than 2m above sea-level, they have no harbours or ports, just beaches and lagoons. Elizabeth II is head of state. Most families have more than 5 pigs, and selling .tk domains contributes 10% of GDP).