Two hour sessions from 13:30 - 15:30hrs, starting Friday 20th March 2015 in A208.
For further information, contact Jed Gibbs MA by email:

Dreamweaver is the industry standard on Mac and Windows, ideal for anyone wanting to gain employment or design professional sites.

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       Friday 20th March 2015

       Friday 27th March 2015

      Friday 24th April 2015

      Friday 1st May 2015

      Friday 7th May 2015

      Friday 15th May 2015

- cancelled due to community event set-up

      Friday 22nd May 2015

      Friday 29th May 2015 - Half Term

      Friday 5th June 2015

      Assessment criteria

Is the site working live? With more than one page?

Do the page titles make sense?

Is there a favicon?

Images of reasonable quality, file type and size.

Example of a rollover/button.

Example of an imagemap.

Example of embedded video(s).

Example of embedded page (yours or external site).

Is there an alternative CSS theme, and does it work with a javascript button?

Is the site coherent in its overall look? Does it look professional or personal without being a mess.



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