10 x two hour sessions from 18:30 - 20:30, starting Monday 24th January 2011 running to 4th April 2011
For further information, contact Jed Gibbs MA by email: jgibbs@totton.ac.uk

Also see course information sheet & enrol at Totton College

Web Design using Adobe Dreamweaver

Intended for anyone who wants to create and maintain Web sites using Windows or Mac computers. Dreamweaver is the industry standard, ideal for anyone wanting to gain employment or design professional sites.

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       Monday 24th January 2011

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       Monday 14th February 2011 happy valentine's day!

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       Monday 7th March 2011 - no baby yet... class as usual!

       Monday 14th March 2011

Jed on paternity leave, baby Corben born Wednesday 9th March and doing well.

Class now confirmed postponed, as cover unavailable... sorry.

FlashAdobe Flash animation

       Monday 21st March 2011

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       Monday 4th April 2011

       Tuesday 26th April

Webfonts: the CSS @font-face tag lets you use many more typefaces than the basic 7 listed in Dreamweaver across pcs/Macs and mobile devices such as iPods and iPads.

I have used free fonts from fontsquirrel for imps.tv which work even in version 3.5 of Firefox. With these you need to download a 'kit' of the several different versions of a typeface needed to work in Firefox/Chrome/Safari; Internet Explorer; and an SVG variation for iOS devices such as iPods, iPads and iPhones. You then cut and paste some code into your web page, and upload the fonts to your site.

Google provides free Web fonts which require at least version 3.6 of Firefox to work: getting started, list of fonts. overview. With the Google system the fonts stay on their server and you simply cut and paste code they supply to link to their server.

CreativePro guide part 1 and part 2 to using the css tag '@font-face' to greatly expand your range of expressive typefaces available through fontsquirrel, fontspring, Monotype at fonts.comTypekit and typotheque. Fontspring guide to @font-face. nicewebtype Alternatives include javascript embedding via Cufón or Typeface.js (discussion of merits of each), to use sIFR Flash, create the site in Flash itself or simply turn occasional uses of a font into a graphic (jpg, gif or png). Interviews about @font-face. Extensis to launch Webfont service

fontslive   how-to-use-css-font-face    Adobe fonts through TypeKit   W3c adopts WOFF

       Tuesday 3rd May

  • Embedding YouTube and Vimeo video clips, sound and Flash, or adding QuickTime movies and flvs
  • Animating a gif banner or button using Photoshop
  • History of the internet and World Wide Web
  • A look at the content of the follow-on Web design course starting 9th May 2011. Course info sheet.
  • Enrol for May 2011's Web Design course at Totton College
  • chinese-language-to-dominate-the-internet

    Are there any resources or materials required?

    The software is installed on the college computers. For students wishing to do additional work from home free 30 day trials are available from Adobe. Student rates for the software are available and will be discussed on the course.

    Are there any other costs?

    Free basic Web hosting will be provided for the duration of the course together with advice on purchasing a domain name (.tk addresses are free, .coms and .co.uk about £6 per year) and ongoing hosting (from free to expensive).

    How will I be assessed?

    No formal assessment. Help during the sessions & via email support. Totton College course completion certificate.

    What are the entry requirements?

    No previous experience required but some content may be challenging as the software is for professional-level use.

    Contact us

    For further information, contact Jed Gibbs MA by email: jgibbs@totton.ac.uk

    Tel: (023) 80 874 874 • Fax: (023) 80 874 879
    Web: www.totton.ac.uk • Email: info@totton.ac.uk

    Download free fully-working 30 Day trial versions from Adobe (click the 'try' link)

    Pugh.co.uk can supply a wide range of software including Dreamweaver CS5:

    (check the Adobe collections if you are also interested in Photoshop and Flash). The software is fully working but there are restrictions on 'personal use' rather than for profit and usually no reduced price upgrade path, for example when CS6 is eventually released.

    Alternative free open source software for Windows, Mac and Linux:  
    Blue Griffon  BlueGriffon supports HTML5 and CSS3 or nvu for Web design | GIMP alternative to Adobe Photoshop

    5 alternatives to Photoshop (see comments for more, including Aviary from worth1000.com)

    Dozens of books for CS3, CS4 and CS5 versions of Dreamweaver and Photoshop are available. A free Safari Books Online account will let you compare before buying, or you may decide as I did to subscribe to Safari. Follow a Safari link next to any book in the ad widgit below to get a free 10 day account. (If the slightly temperamental widgit is empty please refresh the page... )

    PeachPit (Pearson Education)

    Online video training is available from Adobe, Lynda.com, VTC and Total Training

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