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Unit 13: Web Production

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Assignment 1: Word Document

You work for Total Control, a large corporation that specialises in targeting Websites to acquire and exploit.

Identify two Websites of interest to Total Control.
Write a report for your manager explaining why Total Control should takeover these sites.

What can be improved to increase the sites’ values - commercially and for their users?

Why are websites used? The purpose of a website is to present information to an audience by using a collection of related web pages, traditionally hosted on a web server. This information may include text, graphics, video or other digital assets.

Typical uses of websites, including:

● presenting information e.g. advertising, news BBC | Sky News | DramaAlert on YouTube | Scarce

● storing information e.g. archiving, cloud Dropbox | GoogleDrive | MediaFile | MegaUpload | Flickr | Facebook | Imgur | Instagram

● browsing and searching for information e.g. real-time information Google | Yahoo| Bing | Wikipedia

● improving productivity e.g. email, collaborative working Office 365 | GoogleDocs

● making decisions e.g. financial GoCompare | Which, managerial

● communicating with people e.g. social networking Facebook | Google+ | Discord | Teamspeak | MySpace, video conferencing Skype

● media sharing e.g. listen to live radio ClassicFM | BBC radio, watch films Netflix | Amazon Prime | NowTV | Sky | Twitch | Hulu (USA only) | YouTube | Vimeo

● e-commerce e.g. shopping, banking Amazon | PayPal | banks...

● education e.g. libraries Project Gutenberg.org| Scribd | online learning AdobeTV | Lynda.com | VTC Virtual Training Company | Total Training, assessments

● downloading information e.g. data, media Audible.com | BBC iPlayer | Amazon | Filesharing sites such as PirateBay

Features of websites:

Hyperlinks; action buttons; hot spots; templates; email links; registration and logins; forms (user input and feedback); accessibility (e.g. text to speech); e-commerce facilities; online forums discourse.org; aesthetics (e.g. colours, layout, graphics/video/animation, audio, text Webfonts, use of style sheets).


Assignment 2

Design, create and evaluate a Website for the sinister corporation known as Total Control.

It will include:

Hand in 29th November 2016 as a link from your OneNote portfolios.

Sites will have an address such as www.totton.org/tc/jed

download a pdf of the site map template from http://www.totton.org/tc

links to student redesigns for Total Control




Harvard, Modern Languages Association (MLA), Modern Humanities Research Association; IEEE

citethisforme.com | neilstoolbox.com


Introduction to the unit requirements.

4th October 2016

Fonts in Dreamweaver and Webfonts from Google and Fontsquirrel

Creating Favicons - the little icon on your browser tab or next to a bookmarked favourite.

Wacom graphics tablets

11th October 2016

Introducing Assignment 1.

Static .html and Dynamic .asp; .jsp, .net websites

Jed's introduction to WordPress Logo example adrianboswell.com

Working on your personal sites.

18th October 2016

Working on Assignment 1. Press function key F12 to get access to a page's sourcecode in Chrome.

Example interactive dynamic Web site, with all the 3D items drawn from a database: heroforge.com  |  FAQ   |  heroforge blog  |  3D printers Shapeways blog and about heroforge 1, 2, 3  |  kickstarter   (blocked in college?) |   Shapeways full colour sandstone

Heroforge uses WebGL, a JavaScript technology that is available in recent versions of Google Chrome and Firefox (you need to enable it in Apple Safari). 3dtin online builder  |  30 examples from 2014   |   30 more from 2015   |   sketchfab   |   Learn WebGL

History of the internet and WWW


good tech reviews on YouTube

25th October 2016



1st Nov 2016

Working on Assignment 1.

Still unsure what sites to compare?

8th Nov 2016

Warner Bros Studio - Harry Potter visit
Hand in for Assignment 1 - by midnight as a Word document on your OneNote portfolio.



HTML CSS JavaScript JQuery
  codecademy.com -
  sign up for free
Microsoft Virtual Academy Khan Academy | character lynda.com 10 days free

Gallery of CSS Web design ideas at csszengarden.com


net2ftp.com online ftp    Filezilla ftp free software

discourse.org/ open source free forum option

cssloggia.com  and cssPlay

WordPress plug-in for CSS animation




Creating and using vent art favicon skull16x16 Favicons jednet favicon, the 16x16 pixel images used in the address bar and bookmarked favourites list.
Design a logotype or photographic image that will work as a tiny square, then upload a jpeg version and receive a zipped version in favicon.ico format, perhaps with an animated .gif variant for Firefox users (they will see the static .ico version otherwise). You can also create a larger icon that iPad and iPhone users can add to their home screen as a short cut to your Web site (it looks like an App).

   using FavIcon from Pics

favicon.co.uk for more information. If you want to make bigger, scaleable icons for Mac or Windows desktops, consider the iconbuilder plug-in for Photoshop from iconfactory.com (but it is overkill for just creating little favicons).


Range of Development Tools and resources

 notepad   Notepad++ | cheatsheet Microsoft's Visual Studio Code
BlueGriffon open source Adobe Dreamweaver    *Set up your site on totton.org
  jsfiddle.net | jsfiddle docs | tutorial Phaser HTML5 + CSS + JavaScript game development
Intro to JavaScript programming svg JSbin | Getting started
javascriptkit.com stackoverflow coders resource
Learn from 12 JavaScript Experts
washington.edu lessons washington ID and Class intro


useful snippets of CSS:

  1. Responsive images can resize to different screen sizes. Here is an example page. Simply paste this code into the <head> of your html document, or add it to your linked external CSS file to instantly make all the pictures on your page(s) scale down as needed for smaller screen sizes:
    img {
    max-width: 100%;
    height: auto;

  2. To centre a box you need to set margin to auto first: http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_align.asp

  3. add a CSS background colour to your page:
    background-color:<style type="text/css">
    body {
    background-color: #33eeff;

(Each colour channel is described using 1 byte of information. Byte can contain 256 different values. So for 3 channels, it's: 256^3 = 16,777,216 = 16M
However, modern browsers support transparency - #AARRGGBB, by similar logic you get: 256^4 = 4,294,967,296 = 4G)




Good stock photo sites include: istockphoto.com; www.shutterstock.com; www.corbisimages.com and Adobe has relaunched its own offering, integrated with its CreativeCloud.

Free options include Google advanced image search (hidden under the gear wheel)

Set the licensing options at the bottom of the list set to free to use.

Flickr Commons


Swift online - hourofcode